From Codeblocks to AI Models

Barima, a curious 11-year-old learner at Algo Peers, has not only honed his coding skills but has strategically applied his knowledge to develop and showcase his interesting project highlighting  his evolution as a problem-solver and innovator.

Challenged by a child in the audience who questioned, “Who’s the founding father of Ghana?” 


Barima confidently responded by typing the prompt to his GPT-based conversational agent—a web app he personally developed. The instantaneous and accurate response displayed on the interface of the web app, projected in the auditorium, left the audience amazed.

This notable achievement stands as a testament to Barima’s remarkable journey—from initially learning fundamental coding concepts via programming the micro:bit and prototyping solutions like a traffic light to combat road congestion to programming the micro:bit to play an afrobeat music using musical instruments made of plastics demonstrates his creativity, curiosity and perseverance.

Barima has evolved with the wealth of experience he has gotten from Algo Peers to pursue more advanced projects, such as his GPT-based conversational agent. 

His progression not only shows technical growth but also underscores the dynamic application of coding skills across diverse, innovative  and useful projects.

He undoubtedly serves as a true inspiration for other young individuals.

evolve steam expo

The “Evolve” STEAM Expo held on Sunday, August 20, 2023, at the Amissah-Arthur Language Centre was a monumental event that celebrated the creativity and innovation of young learners. This maiden event provided learners with a platform to display to parents, family and friends their impressive projects and skills, recognizing exceptional efforts and growth among them.

The expo served as the climax of our 12-month after-school program, offering a compelling demonstration of how we have successfully nurtured critical competencies, including computational thinking, digital literacy, and problem-solving, in our young Algo Peers. These competencies are undeniably essential in an increasingly digital world. Through hands-on demonstrations and presentations, “Evolve” unveiled the tangible outcomes of our commitment to empowering learners for the future.

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key highlights

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The event commenced with a thought-provoking panel discussion on “Raising Future-Ready Children.” Distinguished panelists, including Dr. Anane-Fenin, a physicist with a passion for AI, shared unique perspectives on the potential of emerging technologies to revolutionize societies. This discussion inspired both children and parents, highlighting the benefits of physical computing and coding education.

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Selected learners, such as Akosua Darfor, Victoria Nzimah-Mensah, Charles Bonney, Barima Kwabena Agyemang, and Kesewaa Turkson, shared their experiences. They discussed their journeys in coding and problem-solving, emphasising the importance of consistency. These learners serve as shining examples of how coding education can transform young minds.

Project Showcase

1. Smart Housing System with Speech Recognition

Learners recognized significant shortcomings in existing housing systems, including inadequate security measures, energy inefficiencies due to poor lighting regulation, and inconveniences associated with manual lighting control.

To address these concerns, learners embarked on the creation of a smart home solution using micro:bit and a range of sensors. This innovative system includes an intelligent outdoor security system that automatically activates lighting upon detecting motion, ensuring enhanced safety, especially at night. Additionally, learners built a smart outdoor lighting system that adapts to real-time environmental light conditions, optimizing energy consumption. Inside the house, residents enjoy the convenience of an app-controlled indoor lighting system, providing effortless and customized illumination control.

This project contributes to the aims of Global Goal 16 (Peace, Security and Justice) and Global Goal 11 (Sustainable Communities and Cities)

2. Smart Bin

Learners recognised a pressing issue within hospital environments – the conventional use of bins. Many bins require manual handling, posing a significant risk of spreading infections and germs. While some bins can be opened using foot pedals, they identified the need for a revolutionary solution – the Smart Bin.

By eliminating the need for direct contact and manual operation, the smart bin redefines waste management in healthcare settings and paves the way for a healthier, more inclusive future contributing to the objectives of Global Goal 3 (Good Health and Well-being)

The Smart Bin utilized sensors and the micro:bit to autonomously open and close, activated when you approach within a specified range. This innovation not only prevents the potential spread of infections and diseases but also ensures ease of use for individuals with disabilities.

3. Smart Cars

Learners have harnessed the power of innovation to create smart robot cars, entirely programmable and designed from the ground up. These robot cars are evidence of the brilliant ideas of learners, who not only crafted the car’s design but also wrote the code that controls every move.

4. Sump Pump and Irrigation Projects

In response to recurring flood issues during rainy seasons mostly in low-land areas, learners devised a holistic solution. They designed a sump pump system using micro:bit, which is installed in the basement of homes. This system automatically evacuates excess water when the water in the sump pump basin reaches a specific level, effectively preventing flooding.

But that’s not all; as practitioners of the circular economy, learners took a sustainable approach. The water pumped out from the houses isn’t wasted. Instead, it’s directed into a farm reservoir, where it undergoes filtration for irrigation purposes. This ensures that every drop serves a valuable role in nourishing crops.


Learners gained more confidence in their skills and creativity, with many expressing enthusiasm for future projects and events.

Parents and guardians were inspired by their children’s accomplishments and motivated to support their learning journeys.

Facilitators witnessed the tangible results of our After School Program, reinforcing the value of STEAM education.


The “Evolve” STEAM Expo was a testament to the potential of young learners when allowed to explore STEAM education. The positive reflections underscore the transformative impact of our After-School Program, reinforcing our commitment to grooming future-ready learners who excel in critical thinking, digital literacy, and problem-solving.

The event’s success motivates us to further empower the next generation with the skills they need for success in our increasingly digital world.