Next-gen Problem-solvers, Driving Change.

Next-Gen problem solvers

Our planet faces a growing challenge: climate change.

At EVolve, we equip future leaders with the skills and mindset to become the next generation of climate heroes.

Driving Climate Change

Do children worry about climate change? Millions do – it’s their future!

We help them turn concern into actions with real-world STEAM skills. 

Inspired by Tesla

We empower young minds with the skills to engineer the future of green transportation.

Imagine your child designing electric vehicles and innovative solutions for a cleaner world.


the future-ready skills

Physical Computing

Our modules empower learners to transform their ideas into inventions! They utilize tiny computers to learn coding and electronics effortlessly, creating smart and sustainable projects.

Coding & Robotics

With guidance from our mechanical engineers, our learners explore the world of coding and robotics, building projects that can sense, move, and accomplish remarkable tasks.

3D Printing

Each learner creatively brings imagination to life through designing, tinkering, and additive manufacturing. 

Think Like Elon

How does Elon Musk think as a problem-solver and innovator?

Our modules guide learners to cultivate the same strategic thinking that drives Elon and his  groundbreaking solutions.

Program Structure

Online Meetings

Learners engage with instructors and peers in virtual after-school meetings, typically held on Fridays starting from 5 pm GMT +00.

Makerspace Sessions

We provide a makerspace to support in-person meetings for learners in Cape Coast, Ghana.

Expert-led Sessions

We invite industry experts from organizations such as NASA, Google, local farms, and others to engage learners in mentoring sessions.

Field Trips

We enhance learning with physical and virtual field trips to factories, farms, museums, and beyond. These trips offer firsthand experience and deepen understanding.


Environmental Problem-Solving

Learners delve into climate change, brainstorm solutions, adapt Elon Musk’s problem-solving approach, and explore 3D printing. This lays the foundation for confidently and creatively tackling environmental challenges.

Exploring Sustainable Technologies

Learners explore Raspberry Pi Pico, prototype climate change early-warning systems, study solar panels and energy storage, and discover IoT-based battery management systems. These weeks offer hands-on learning for sustainable solutions.

Harnessing the Sun

These weeks offer hands-on learning and assessment, exploring sustainable technology and tackling climate change through coding challenges. Learners delve into 3D-printed structures powered by solar energy and optimize solar technology integration

Harnessing the Wind

Learners explore wind energy as a renewable alternative to reduce carbon emissions, gaining hands-on experience with harnessing and storing this energy



Learners are provided with the exciting opportunity to proudly showcase their projects to their family and friends.

Global Competitions

Every learner eagerly participates in prestigious global competitions, extending their skills worldwide.

Career-led Sessions

Learners are provided with the opportunity to interact with industry experts.

Who can Participate

Curious minds aged 7 to 15, from any background or skill level, are welcome!

Boot Camp Package

Globally Recognized Certifications

Each learner participates in globally recognized coding projects with certifications from organizations such as the European Commission, British Council, World’s Largest Lesson, etc.

Project Portfolio

With personalized mentoring and project-based learning, our learners build a robust portfolio showcasing their acquired skills and accomplishments.

Learning Support

Every learner is empowered through unlimited access to essential technologies and resources.

Exclusive Merchandise

Learners enrolled receive an Evolve membership, which includes exclusive merchandise.


From registration to your child’s first day of building and coding, we’ve got every step covered for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A mentor will assist you through a brief online registration and payment process.

Book a call or send a message to get started.

We offer training sessions both online and in various locations, including farms, factories, etc.

We also provide a maker space for residents of Cape Coast.

Parents or guardians have the option to choose a convenient time slot.

Each session lasts for 2 hours, on Fridays and Saturdays, after school.

Currently, all sessions are held on Fridays and Saturdays, after school.

Parents will select their preferred 2-hour time slot and cohort for all activities.

The duration of a module may vary from 3 to 12 months, depending on its contents and required technical skills.

Our programs are designed for children aged 7 to 14.

Learners are grouped based on age and pre-test assessments.