We’re solving some of the biggest problems in education for Africa.


We unite parents, teachers, community leaders, and innovators to nurture the next generation of problem-solvers for our communities.


At Algo Peers, we champion humane values, embrace diversity, prioritize real-world education, and innovate with an inventive mindset.

Balancing Earth and Tech

We strive to harmonize technological advancements with responsible environmental stewardship, ensuring that progress benefits both humanity and the planet we call home.

Humane > Human

Identifying with Algo Peers starts with the fundamental connection of being human. However, we go beyond that; our benchmark is the embodiment of humane behavior within our social environment.

Education Beyond School

We value education beyond traditional schooling. While school provides a foundation, true learning extends beyond classroom walls. 

Innovation Trumps Skills

We prioritize innovation over specific skills. While skills are valuable, the ability to think creatively and adapt to change is paramount to us. 

Step out of the box!

Why confine yourself to a box? Don’t just think outside it – step out boldly! You weren’t born in a box, so why live like you are? 

Don't Die A Copy

Encouraging originality is at the heart of our ethos. We embrace unique qualities, ideas, and perspectives.


The current strategic leadership team at Algo Peers has a wealth of experience and history in education, business, and technology. They lead projects and work with institutions like the Mastercard Foundation, Gates Foundation, Nordic Semiconductor, Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, and the International Federation of University Women (IFUW, Geneva).

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We have assembled some of the brightest minds in the world to tackle some of Africa’s most pressing educational challenges, from limited access to outdated curricula, through a bottom-up approach, and first principles thinking.

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An optometrist, senior lecturer, and Head of Department (HOD) at the Department of Optometry and Vision Science, University of Cape Coast (UCC) with a Ph.D. in Vision Science from Cardiff University (UK), Doctor of Optometry and Bachelor’s Degree holder in Ophthalmic Science from UCC, Ghana.


Dr Morny began his optometric career working with his father (the late Dr F. K. Morny) in the family eye care practice in Kumasi, Ghana and later managed the practice before leaving to do his PhD in the UK. He returned to Ghana to join the faculty at UCC. He is currently a Georg Forster Fellow (Humboldtian) of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, at the University of Freiburg, Germany. 


He also gets very excited about young people with big ideas and feels excited and privileged to be part of Algo Peers, where he actively oversees strategic input .

Prof. (Mrs.) Abigail Opoku Mensah is a distinguished member of the Strategic Leadership at Algo Peers, contributing invaluable insight and expertise in strategic planning, organizational leadership, and business development to the team. With a profound background in industrial and organizational psychology, she brings over 12 years of teaching, research, and leadership experience to her role.


Currently serving as the Associate Professor of Industrial and Organisational Psychology at the University of Professional Studies, Accra (UPSA), Prof. Opoku Mensah is also the founding Head of the Department of Management at the School of Business and the Director of the Centre for International Education and Collaboration (CIEC). Her extensive leadership experience includes being the Board Chairperson of the University of Cape Coast Basic Schools Governing Committee and the Hall Warden of Adehye Hall, University of Cape Coast.


Prof. Opoku Mensah has played a pivotal role in fostering international collaborations, notably contributing to the introduction of the UCC Leadership Empowerment Academy Programme in collaboration with Buffalo University, USA. Her research interests encompass workplace diversity, knowledge management, work-family conflict, employees’ work attitudes, employee efficiency and effectiveness, and social issues in Management. She has not only published widely in these areas but has also presented numerous academic papers at conferences both locally and internationally.


Beyond academia, Prof. Opoku Mensah is actively involved in various professional organizations, including being a member of the Ghana Psychology Council, the International Federation of University Women (IFUW, Geneva), and the Work and Family Researchers Network (U.S.A). Her commitment to empowering women is evident in her role as the leader of the “Female Future Ghana” project, a collaboration with the Ghana Employers Association aimed at preparing Ghanaian corporate women for leadership in top management positions.

Esinam Maura Abla Adorkor is a highly accomplished industry-agnostic Product Manager with a versatile background spanning Telecommunications, Utility Management, Education Management, and Innovation.


Her career is characterized by her adeptness at translating skills across diverse sectors, connecting customer needs with business capabilities, and driving transformative change. Esinam’s strategic prowess led to significant achievements, such as expanding Vodafone Ghana’s B2B mobile portfolio by 50,000 subscribers and generating an additional $250,000 in revenue through innovative data bundles tailored for educational institutions.


Innovation is at the core of Esinam’s professional journey. At The Room, she successfully digitized lifelong learning programs during the pandemic, maintaining customer satisfaction and securing $50,000 in additional revenue. Her leadership has been recognized through nominations for high-achiever programs and academic scholarships.


Beyond her career, Esinam is passionate about female empowerment and founded the Women in Leadership Club at Cranfield University. Fluent in English and proficient in French, she possesses a strong IT skill set, making her a well-rounded professional poised to drive technological innovation in Africa.


In her current role at the Mastercard Foundation, Esinam is focused on solving key problems in the Innovation and Digital Economy sectors in Ghana and Nigeria to drive economic opportunities for youth in these countries.

Markus brings his wealth of experience as the Principal R&D Engineer at Nordic Semiconductor ASA and the founder of coderbyheart to his role as a Technical Advisor at Algo Peers.

With over 25 years of expertise as a software developer, consultant, coach, and mentor, Markus is dedicated to providing strategic guidance in scalable technology and innovation.

Markus actively engages in various software development communities, showcasing his commitment as a speaker, initiator, participant, and contributor.

His dedication to giving back to communities with his skills, expertise, and experiences drives him to actively contribute to the mission of Algo Peers as a technical advisor, designing scalable innovation and sourcing strategies to tackle intricate challenges in the educational landscape of Africa.

Mr. Felix Yirdong, Founder & CEO of Brighthill Empowerment Initiative, a youth-led social enterprise in Ghana focusing on youth development, is a dedicated member of our strategic leadership team.


With a passion and wealth of experience in youth and child development, Felix, currently enrolled as a Fulbright Scholar in a Foreign Student program, is pursuing graduate studies for an MA/PhD degree in Clinical Psychology at The New School, New York.


As a trained clinical psychologist and lecturer, Felix has accumulated valuable experience in academia, research, project management, leadership, and volunteering environments.


His commitment to empowering young minds is evident in his impactful work, having partnered with the U.S Department of State and US Embassy, Ghana, on Sustainable Technologies for Entrepreneurial Projects. This initiative aimed to impact young entrepreneurs and innovators, aligning with the core mission of Algo Peers to nurture the next generation of problem-solvers in Africa.


Felix’s passion for impact and growth in young people from various backgrounds propels him to contribute extensively to our mission of equipping individuals with future-ready skills. Leveraging his expertise in project management and psychology, he positively influences the impact of technology and innovation at Algo Peers.


Known for excelling both within group settings and independently, Felix leverages his initiative to enhance his interpersonal skills. His diverse experiences have equipped him to take on responsibilities effectively, making him a valuable asset to our strategic leadership team.

Her passion is working with small businesses and seeing them grow and thrive. She has worked in various Accounting roles in 3 different countries for the past 10 years, including her favorite country in the world, Ghana, as well as the United Kingdom and Germany. 


She has experience in accounts preparation and analysis, VAT submission, small business tax, and payroll services. Currently, she is an ACCA trainee living in Germany and learning the German language so that she can take on German tax laws.

Isaac Oteng is a seasoned technology consultant specializing in cloud computing, big data analytics, and business information systems.


Currently serving as a Technical Solutions Consultant at Kulana Limited, he brings over 8 years of experience to the table. Isaac has actively contributed to numerous digital transformation initiatives in both the public and private sectors in Ghana and abroad, with notable projects at the Ministry of Finance. His focus has been on the implementation of CRM, ERP, EPM, and application development.


Beyond his role at Kulana Limited, Isaac holds the esteemed position of AWS Community Builder, utilizing this platform to empower his community in AWS cloud computing and data analytics.


As a valued member of our strategic leadership team, Isaac’s expertise in data and community development is pivotal to shaping and executing Algo Peers’ strategies.


His contributions ensure data-driven and inclusive advancements in STEAM education access across Africa.

Samuel Quansah, Founder & Program Director at Algo Peers, is a highly accomplished professional with a degree in Business Management and certifications in Google Project Management and Data Analytics Professional, Financial Modeling and Valuation Analyst (FMVA), and Business Intelligence and Data Analytics (BIDA). 


With over 5 years of experience, Sam has been instrumental in nurturing a vibrant social learning community, empowering the next generation of problem solvers in Africa. His skill set encompasses end-to-end project management, curriculum development, and learning technology design, recognized by his certification as a Microsoft Innovative Educator Trainer and Expert.


As the Founder and Program Director at Algo Peers, Samuel has rapidly expanded the program’s reach, directly engaging over 550 K-12 schoolchildren in the economically disadvantaged city of Cape Coast. Notably, 54% of these engagements in school outreach programs have been females, showcasing his commitment to breaking gender barriers in STEM education.


Under his visionary leadership, Algo Peers seamlessly integrates physical computing and coding into STEAM teaching methodologies in Ghana. His commitment to breaking down barriers to equitable education is further demonstrated in his role as the Founder & CEO of Createch Motives Afrika Ltd, where Algo Peers operates with a remarkable 74% cost reduction in boot camp services. Through strategic grants and partnerships, the initiative provides zero-cost services to underserved communities.


Samuel’s exemplary leadership has secured crucial grants and partnerships with entities such as Microsoft for Startups, Cape Coast Regional Chamber of Commerce, Micro:bit Educational Foundation, Nordic Semiconductor, OKdo, and the Department of Math and ICT Education at the University of Cape Coast.


As a past Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert, Samuel facilitated programs, training over 400 educators worldwide to integrate Microsoft technologies into traditional classrooms, bringing this wealth of experience to enhance educational practices at Algo Peers.


Recipient of the Google Africa Developer Scholarship, Samuel has mentored over 100 scholarship recipients on the Google Cloud Platform track, contributing to the development of a skilled pool of talent in the region.


Adept at bringing together diverse stakeholders, Samuel has orchestrated successful engagement and live coding sessions between local schoolchildren in Cape Coast and renowned figures, including software engineers from Google and YouTube, and space scientists from NASA, Humans to Mars Summit Team, and MOXIE.


As Program Director, Samuel actively fosters strategic partnerships, cultivates global connections, and leads a skilled technical team in developing educational technology products at Algo Peers.


Samuel Quansah’s quantifiable achievements, multifaceted experience, and commitment to education position him as a driving force in shaping the future of African education through technology.

Victor Asante is a distinguished finance professional with a strong foundation in finance, accounting, and business intelligence. Armed with a Commerce degree specializing in accounting, Victor has demonstrated his proficiency in various financial roles throughout his career. He holds the esteemed title of a Certified Financial Modelling and Valuation Analyst, showcasing his expertise in managing complex financial projects with an emphasis on efficiency.


In his previous role as a finance assistant for an NGO, Victor’s innovative approach was instrumental in designing a cash management system that significantly contributed to the foundation staying within its budget for an entire year. His experience extends to serving as a product activation and sales executive for Bayport Savings and Loans, a member of Bayport Management Limited, a leading financial services provider in emerging markets worldwide.


Currently, Victor serves as the CFO of Createch Motives Afrika Ltd, the parent company of Algo Peers, where he plays a pivotal role in overseeing the financial structure of the organization. Notably, he successfully managed a grant budget of $45,000 secured from global partners to expand ed-tech initiatives at Algo Peers.


In his role as a fund manager at Algo Peers, Victor continues to demonstrate his financial acumen by effectively managing project budgets, overseeing resource allocation, and ensuring the financial sustainability of projects.


Victor’s commitment to excellence, innovative thinking, and financial expertise make him a valuable asset to our team. His pursuit of a master’s program in Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship through the Chevening Scholarship further enhances his contributions to our shared goals of sustainable and responsive innovation.


Tarun Madilla is a motivated and results-oriented individual who plays a crucial role in the operational team at Algo Peers as a Fractional Chief Innovation Officer. With a background in electrical and electronics engineering and three years of experience as a software developer at Mercedes Benz, Tarun brings a solid technical foundation to the industry. 


He pursued a distant MBA focusing on Entrepreneurship and a Master’s in Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship, showcasing his commitment to continuous learning and entrepreneurial endeavors. Tarun is currently a Graduate Teacher (Prototyping for Innovation) at the University of Bristol.


As a Fractional CTO, Tarun actively offers technical expertise and strategic guidance related to technological innovations at Createch Motives Afrika Ltd, focusing on Algo Peers. 


As a design thinker, Tarun is driven to uncover innovative solutions to educational problems, by applying human-centered design principles. He excels in designing new products and creating visually appealing, informative reports. Recognized as a great team player, Tarun fosters collaboration and open communication to achieve collective goals, reflecting his genuine passion for teaching and sharing knowledge to help others grow.


Tarun Madilla’s versatile perspective, adaptability to different work environments, and experience in both corporate and startup settings uniquely position him to navigate challenges and find pragmatic solutions. His out-of-the-box thinking and expertise contribute significantly to driving impactful outcomes in meaningful projects.

Vera, our Head of Learning Programs, embodies a relentless curiosity for computer technology and envisions its potential to bring positive changes to education and healthcare.


Her relentless pursuit of knowledge in this field is evidenced by the professional certifications earned in Data Analytics, IT support from Google Professional Programs, Applied Data Science from WorldQuant University, and Physical Computing from Micro:bit Professional Programs. 


Her enthusiasm for women’s empowerment in technology and commitment to the Python Programming ecosystem earned her a key role as an internal organizer for the Data Science Boot Camp 2020 in Ghana, equipping diverse young girls from Ghana with data skills.


Vera’s passion continues to flourish at Algo Peers, leading her to be proficient in utilizing single-board computers like micro:bit and Raspberry Pi for Physical Computing and Robotics to enhance STEAM education in Ghana and beyond. This enthusiasm has translated into tangible impact and learning experiences, especially in serving rural communities in Ghana.


Her dedication extends to restructuring and delivering impactful learning experiences, covering curriculum development, instructional strategies, assessment techniques, analyzing learner engagement patterns and personalizing learning experiences with data, ensuring impactful educational journeys for every learner.


At the forefront of innovative STEAM learning, Vera, recognized globally as a Micro:bit Champion, drives initiatives to integrate these technologies into traditional classrooms, both locally and internationally.


Her diverse skill set and commitment make Vera an invaluable asset to our operational team, as we strive to enhance and align learning programs with the dynamic landscape of education.

As the Head of Distribution Channels at Algo Peers, Deborah brings a wealth of experience and expertise in statistics, administration, and sales. Her diverse background has equipped her with the skills necessary to excel in her current role, where she focuses on developing strategic partnerships and facilitating resource distribution to beneficiaries. 


As an Administrative Officer at Ghana TVET Services (Tema Technical Institute), she honed her administrative skills and gained valuable insights into the education sector. Her background in statistics and administration has proven invaluable in identifying opportunities for collaboration and knowledge sharing, while her sales experience has enabled her to effectively communicate the value of Algo Peers’ initiatives to potential partners.


Under her leadership, Algo Peers has successfully secured partnerships with Micro: bit Educational Foundation, Ghana Education Service, University of Cape Coast, and other global organizations, expanded its reach and impact, ensuring that more students in Cape Coast have access to quality STEAM education and the resources they need to become the problem solvers of tomorrow.

Nana Adwoa Nsiah, our dedicated Community Manager at Algo Peers, holds an LLB (bachelor’s degree in law) from the University of Cape Coast, influencing her responsible handling of the community. Passionate about fostering the progress and development of young learners, she serves as a Peer Learning Mentor and particularly loves helping slow starters pick up and grasp concepts quickly.


Nana Adwoa is a staunch advocate for the inclusion of Arts in STEM, instilling creativity and innovation in her endeavors. Her roles as Community Manager and Peer Learning Mentor allow her to serve and engage learners and parents from underserved communities, redirecting their educational journey toward a more digitally inclusive, practical, and relevant STEAM education experience.


Currently enrolled in courses to sharpen her skills, Nana Adwoa has earned certifications in TEFL UK among other programs, enhancing her effective communication capabilities. She skillfully shares crucial information and engages with the community, building strong connections with learners, parents, and educators.


As a passionate advocate for gamification and parental inclusion in education, Nana Adwoa creates engaging unplugged activities and games at Algo Peers, witnessing tangible results in transforming learners’ attitudes. Her focus as a Woman in STEM is on visualizing and localizing media content for STEAM pedagogies to create immersive learning experiences in Ghana and beyond.


Utilizing her background in law, Nana Adwoa provides contract management services as a Community Manager. She plays a pivotal role in handling social media and collaborates with the Programs Director to ensure the community receives quality programs that build and enhance their skills, making them future-ready.


Nana Adwoa aspires to implement Tech and digital arts in Cross-Curricular Projects in Ghana and beyond, showcasing the versatility of technology in enhancing various aspects of education. Recognizing the importance of parental involvement, she conducts orientations for parents in both English and local dialects, ensuring responsible use of the SBCs and fostering a supportive environment for young minds to flourish.

Arnav Peehal, a dedicated Mechanical Engineering student at the University of Bristol, is eager to apply his academic knowledge in providing reliable service to organizations. Proficient in CAD modeling, Arduino programming, and the production and interpretation of engineering drawings, Arnav possesses a solid foundation in mathematics and physics.

In terms of practical experience, Arnav completed a work placement at Reaction Engines, where he gained valuable insights into Thermal Engineering. Through hands-on experiences, such as participating in the assembly of one of Reaction Engine’s heat exchangers, he honed his manufacturing skills. Arnav is enthusiastic about translating theoretical knowledge into practical applications.

Also, he is actively engaged in the 2023 UK SEDS ORT Mars Rover Competition, contributing to CAD and Automation tasks. Modeling the entire Mars Rover on Autodesk Fusion 360 has significantly enhanced Arnav’s CAD skills, particularly in understanding the functionality of rotary joints within interconnected components, such as a Robot Arm. He has also improved his simulation skills by conducting a static stress test on the rover, simulating the weight it was designed to carry.

As part of the University of Bristol European Rocketry Team, Arnav is currently working on designing a reusable jig for attaching fins to the rocket’s main body using Autodesk Inventor.

In his role as the Mechanical Engineer at Algo Peers, Arnav is responsible for designing and leading cutting-edge robotics and engineering learning experiences. With his diverse skill set and practical experiences, he is committed to delivering engaging and impactful educational opportunities for underserved communities in Ghana and beyond.